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The International Colour Association (AIC, Association Internationale de la Couleur or Internationale Vereinigung für die Farbe) is a learned society whose aims are to encourage research in all aspects of colour, to disseminate the knowledge gained from this research, and to promote its application to the solution of problems in the fields of science, art, design and industry on an international basis.
On behalf of the AIC 2011 Organising Committee and the Swiss Colour Association pro/colore, I am delighted to invite you to participate in the AIC 2011 Midterm Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland. I hope you will take this opportunity to share your knowledge and experience, and look forward to welcoming you to Zurich!

Verena M. Schindler
AIC 2011 General Chair


pro/colore Swiss Color Association
The Swiss Colour Association pro/colore is an independent, non-profit colour association that aims to serve as a general and professional platform for dealing with colour design, dyes, colour reproduction and colour communication. pro/colore is actively dedicated to promoting more conscious ways of understanding and dealing with colour, not only in the way it is used creatively, but also in terms of its production and reproduction.
Collective and individual membership is open to affiliates of trade unions and companies, educational, public and professional organisations and institutions, as well as private persons. Currently pro/colore has more than 300 members.
pro/colore organizes colour events four times a year. On these occasions it sends out a letter including a whole range of information on colour and colour events to its individual and collective members.
The main goals are to further the exchange of experience, spread information and support cooperation between members of different specialization. A further aim is also to encourage international cooperation and exchange with other colour associations, e.g., the German colour association Deutsches Farbenzentrum. As well, pro/colore is a member of the International Colour Association (AIC) being one of the signatories of the founding act of the AIC in 1967.